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Commercial Property Insurance

Landlords with commercial premises want to know that their building is insured with a reputable insurer who specialise in commercial business insurance. We have a panel of specialist commercial property insurance brokers that can provide tailored to solutions for all types of commercial buildings including shops, offices, commercial blocks, warehouse, industrial units and factories.

As well as rented or owner occupied commercial building insurance our panel of business insurance partners can also provide comprehensive cover for unoccupied commercial property.

Compare commercial property insurance quotes from leading UK business insurance companies

  • All types of commercial buildings catered for including commercial landlord portfolios
  • Property owners liability insurance cover as standard in all commercial premises policies
  • Option to add terrorism cover
  • Option to add commercial legal expenses insurance cover
  • Rates from leading UK insurers and or the Lloyds Market

Simple online commercial property insurance quote form to complete and one of our partner brokers will contact you directly with a highly competitive price to suit your needs.

From large multi national corporations through to small, local shops everyone would like to get the lowest price for adequate insurance on their business property. Owners of commercial properties require buildings insurance that will cover the property in the event of fire, aircraft or vehicle damage, floods and storms just as any private home-owner would. The owner of the property would also require a policy that would also include a rebuild cost if for any reason the building suffers such extensive damage that requires it to be demolished and rebuilt entirely, but there are other scenarios to consider.

Due to the nature that the buildings are used for, commercial buildings insurance is more expensive than residential property insurance. If any let property is being used for a commercial use then specialist insurance is required and failure to do so can invalidate any claim if any damage were to occur. This condition can also lead to premiums being substantially higher than those for homes, depending what the commercial use of the property was.

Liability insurance is usually included as part of a commercial building policy but this is usually restricted to the building itself and not the business that is being conducted from it. Usually an extra policy to cover the contents of the property would also be required for business itself.

In most cases commercial property cover breaks down in to four categories, which are: damage to property, loss of rental income, public liability and optional extras. This allows landlords the chance to tailor make a policy which is suitable for them and the building they are letting out for commercial use.

If the property is left empty for a period of time it is possible to take out unoccupied commercial property insurance to cover you whist the building is not being used. This would cover for basic risk such as fire and flooding but additional requirements such as security and alarm systems may be asked to be in place to ensure that it is as secure as possible while it is left.

Property and Business Insurance